History & Facts of France Government

Various countries around the world are built on multiple types of history and facts. France happens to be one of the states with the best history ever recorded. Now, let’s have an insight at some of the interesting facts and history that have made France stand tall on the world map.


Firstly, did you know that France is the highly famous tourist destination in the world? Their public office buildings have black and white home office ideas that are to-die-for! France has hit a record of receiving over 85 million visitors. You find it surprising? Well, the World Tourist Organization has recorded France to be the most visited country in the World.


Among the Europe countries, France is ranked as the largest country. One funny fact is that it is known as a Hexagon. It has an area of 551,000 sq KM. with such an area, France is recorded as near a fifth of Europe’s total area. An exciting encounter is that forest covers France’s ¼ land.


The national motto of France is liberty, equality, and fraternity. This motto came into place first around (1789-1799) during the revolution. This motto was included in the constitution in 1946 and 1958. In the current times, the slogan can be seen in the coins, postal stamps, and government logo among many other high-end areas. France’s legal system to date is aligned with Napoleon’s code civil after the 1800s revolution.


Now, here’s the most astonishing fact about France. Did you know that you can marry a dead person in France as it is protected under the law? Yes, you can marry posthumously! You may be wondering how possible one can do this. Well, all you will need is to prove that you and the deceased person had an intention of marrying each other while he or she was alive. However, you will have to get permission from the president of France.